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I do not sell these models. This site is only dedicated to my private collection.

My review about "STUNTLIFE: The Wild Ride"

Here I am today with the first of my two reviews of Raymond Kohn's films produced in collaboration with "Northeast Ohio Dukes". Today I'll tell you about the first DVD, "STUNTLIFE: The Wild Ride".
The film shows the first 22 jumps made by Raymond with General Lee from 2007 to 2018. For each jump, presented naturally in chronological order, Raymond describes the preparation and the consequences reported on a physical level, proposing the various jumps from various angles to enjoy the evolutions of his General Lees at their best. In addition, there are interviews with his family and the staff of the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" in which the complicity and passion that unite them to Raymond, but also the concern before each jump for the "reckless" pilot shines through. During the preparation phases, some moments of the construction of the various "General Lee" are also shown: it should be noted, in fact, that the Chargers used in these jumps are practically non-restorable cars, mainly intended for junkyards, prepared on an aesthetic but also structural level only to be able to withstand the moment of the jump, and then be rearranged to be able to face other jumps. In addition to the excellent images that show the various jumps, everything is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, capable of transmitting the right sensations according to the situations experienced by Raymond and his team.
Personally I recommend the purchase, to lovers of the series "The Dukes of Hazzard" but above all to lovers of good old stunts, which today due to CGI have been a bit lost in Hollywood productions. What you will see in this DVD is all real: passion, courage and a bit of healthy unconsciousness, just what was proposed to us in the 70s / 80s by the various stuntmen of the cinema world and which made us love the world of films and automotive-themed TV series.
If you are interested to buy this DVD, go to the site or the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" Facebook page.

Posted by: Fabiano on Thu 11/26/2020 at 11:51   60

Tags: various, raymond, jumps, northeast, dukes, general, first, preparation, excellent, stuntlife

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