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Last Updates: May 15 2023!!

I do not sell these models. This site is only dedicated to my private collection.

Comparisons Detail

   Both these models reproduce the same version of the DeLorean DMC-12, the car used as time machine in the the movie "Back to the Future". However, differences exist and they are not few! It should definitely said the two models belong to two completely different price ranges, so it should be taken into account this variable in our comparison. But now watch the following pictures that depict them side by side (on the left the model produced by AutoArt, on the right the model produced by Sun Star).

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   First of all, you may notice that the color of the body is not the same. The brushed aluminum used by Sun Star tends slightly golden with special lighting conditions, while the one used by the Hot Wheels retains the silver color from any angle, even some times it's almost shining so it's well brushed. However, The differences are not limited to the brushed body. Here we will see in detail these differences.

Click to enlarge!

   From the previous image it's possible to note that the height of the two vehicles is different. The Sun Star it seems a bit flatter than the AutoArt, just notice the difference in height of the roof, the wheel arches and the front lights. However, on the front lights we will be back later with other images to illustrate its strengths and weaknesses.

Click to enlarge!

   As for the proportions of the two cars seen from above, I would say that there are not great differences: the two models are equivalent.

Click to enlarge!

   As mentioned earlier, by observing the two cars from the side, it still appears evident how the Sun Star is slightly more flattened than the AutoArt. You can see more of this difference by watching the winder window on the door of the AutoArt, lower for the Sun Star. It is even more evident the difference in body brushing, very glossy and almost reflective on the AutoArt.

Click to enlarge!

   Observing the rear side panel there are not big differences, only the back window pillar is slightly lower on Sun Star, for the rest the proportions are well maintained on both models. The rims of the AutoArt are much more detailed, presenting most finished races, but you have to admit that even the Sun Star has great wheels, especially considering that the project of this model dates back more than 10 years ago.

Click to enlarge!

   Observing also the front side panel, it appears evident that also in this case the proportions are almost identical on both models. The AutoArt, in addition to presenting the usual differences in the brushing of the bodywork, is more detailed especially with regard to the side marker lamps (which are not only painted, such as the Sun Star, but are real reflectors made of clear plastic) and the rims that, than the rear, are much more detailed than the Sun Star.

Click to enlarge!

   In 3/4 front view, it appears much more evident the quality of the model produced by AutoArt. From this angle, in fact, it's put much emphasis on the front of the car, much more realistic and indeed the model looks almost a real car, less a toy. The Sun Star, has always the defect of being too squashed and the front that makes it look not very real, but a little fake.

Click to enlarge!

   And here we come to the painful part of the comparison between these two brands. The AutoArt is made to perfection and perfectly reproduces the optical front lights, the DMC logo placed in the center of the mask and the direction lights better integrated into the bumper. Unfortunately the picture is not very clear, but the spoiler located under the bumper includes also a ventilation grid. The Sun Star, however, shows in the front lights its "Achilles heel": the headlights are not defined very well done, presenting in the center of each of them, an element needed to keep them attached to the body. The DMC logo is very large in proportion to the rest of the car and there is no grid on the front spoiler.

Click to enlarge!

   Another view of the front 3/4 where excels once again the AutoArt, appearing more realistic respect the model produced by Sun Star.

Click to enlarge!

   Another side view of the two models. Nothing to add to what I said earlier: the only big difference is in the lower height of the Sun Star respect the AutoArt.

Click to enlarge!

   As for the rear part the two models are equivalent enough. The lights group is well-made on the AutoArt and the Sun Star (the last one only presents the classic element needed to attach the light to the body that is visible). The proportions and shapes are well done on both models: the Sun Star reports the trademark "De Lorean" on the bumper, while on the AutoArt is not present.

Click to enlarge!

   Here you can see the shutter positioned above the engine to allow a minimum visibility to the driver during the reversing phase. This element is well made on both models: however, the AutoArt has a higher level of detail of the grids integrated in the final of the shutter, while on the Sun Star these grids are not perforated.

Click to enlarge!

   Same thing can be said about the panel which covers the engine. Both are well made, but that on the AutoArt is drilled and well reproduces the cooling holes. On the Sun Star this panel is a single block and the slots are only drawn.

Click to enlarge!

   At first glance, both PRV engines are well made, recreating even the smallest details such as cables, plugs or straps.

Click to enlarge!

   Approaching more to the two engines, it appears the most detail on the model of the AutoArt. It should be said that even the engine of Sun Star is made very well, but as I said at the beginning this model was conceived more than 10 years ago and has a cost well below that of the AutoArt.

Click to enlarge!

   Comparing the interior it appears the other "Achilles heel" of the Sun Star. Everything is well reproduced, but the materials and the colors used make it appear a toy. However, The AutoArt uses the carpet on the floor, has the interior door painted black and the instrument panel, steering wheel and seats are made of a plastic that best resembles the skin of the real car.

Click to enlarge!

   Above you can see another detail about the interior of the two cars, but this time from the driver's side. Needless comparison, here the Sun Star shows its limits respect to the high work done by AutoArt.

Click to enlarge!

   The same angle to expose the trunk (located in front of this car). No big difference: perhaps, on the Sun Star the two veins at the sides of the trunk are too pronounced. Lighter ones on the trunk of the AutoArt.

Click to enlarge!

   In this photo you can see on the AutoArt, the pistons that hold open the trunk but also the velvet placed on the floor. Furthermore, on this model, the hinges that allow you to open and close the trunk are well hidden. On Sun Star, instead, it was used an opening method a little outdated, and it's possible to see the two big hinges that allow you to open and close the trunk.

Click to enlarge!

   Another aerial view of the two models, which we can see that there are no big differences. From this angle, then, we can say that the two models are almost equal.

Click to enlarge!

   To conclude the comparison, I have always followed the advice of Robert, a member of this site: I weighed the two cars! The model produced by AutoArt is lighter and showed a weight of 587 grams, while the model produced by the Sun Star is a bit 'heavier and showed a weight of 833 grams.
Now it's the time to take stock: the model produced by the AutoArt is undeniable that borders on perfection, but it is also true that he has a very high cost as it is about 240/250 Euros. The model produced by Sun Star, while presenting some imperfections, can represent very well this classic of the 80s, at a cost much lower (70/80 EUR). My advice, rather obvious, is that if you have chance to spend a bit of money, do not hesitate and buy the AutoArt (since it is possible that in future the prices go up again), otherwise bets headed to the Sun Star that does not look out of place at all in your showcases along with models far more noble!

DeLorean DMC-12: AutoArt vs. Sun Star

Today, I want to propose you a new comparison, this time between the DeLorean DMC-12 produced by AutoArt and the DeLorean DMC-12 produced by Sun Star. In this case, it's not the model used in the "Back to the Future", but the normal road model. I hope you will appreciate it!

Posted by: Fabiano on Tue 12/1/2015 15:4600

"Hollywood 1:18 Wheels" is not part of Hollywood Sign Trust and is not linked to the association or to any members of this community. A mission of this site is to provide information to help diecast collectors to found any type of car used in movie or serial TV. All images copyright � by Fabiano Spinelli. All rights reserved. You may not upload these images to a web site or distribute it commercially or otherwise. It is illegal to use these images on your web site and to post on community web sites. Copyright � 2007. July 16, 2007.

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