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Last Updates: May 15 2023!!

I do not sell these models. This site is only dedicated to my private collection.

Comparisons Detail

Click to enlarge!

   Watching the models, it's easy to note the first great difference: the Herbie produced by Burago (on the left) is a 1955 Beetle, while the Herbie produced by Johnny Lightning (on the right) is a 1966 Beetle. It's easy to say that the correct version is the second one. Moreover, the details on the Burago model are low: it miss chrome frames, the front direction lights and the color is too white.

Click to enlarge!

   Inspecting the front, we can see that the Johnny Lightning use tampografs, while the Burago use simple decals: as you can see, the decal is not the best solution because they are inclined to detach from the body. Moreover, the Burago hasn't the typical license plate "OFP 857".

Click to enlarge!

   On the front trunk, this time I prefere the Burago model: in this model the pivot system to open the trunk is better, while the system adopted by Johnny Lightning is too simple and it's not similar to the real car. Moreover, in the Johnny Lightning the fifth wheel is not blocked so every time you move the model, the wheel fall out.

Click to enlarge!

   Analising the roof, the Johnny Lightning is better under every point of view: infact, on this model the roof is well shaped and it's realized in a porous material, similar to the real roof. Instead, the Burago has a simple decal.

Click to enlarge!

   The wheels used on both model are very similar. The only difference is in the chrome covers: in the Burago there is the VW logo, like the Herbie used in "Herbie rides again"; in the Johnny Lightning the logo is missing, like the Herbie used in "Herbie Full Loaded".

Click to enlarge!

   Observing the doors, it's easy to say that the Johnny Lightning has the better pivot system, very similar to the real one, instead the Burago has a typical pivot system used on a lot of toy models. Moreover, the Johnny Lightning's door is more detailed with an accurate door panel and a correct deflector.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

   The internal parts are quite similar, but the Johnny Lightning is a little bit accurate: infact, the stearing wheel and the seats have the correct color and the correct layout. The layout used for the seats on the Burago were never been used on a real Herbie. We can also note that the Johnny Lightning is more accurate, especially considering the effect created by the door opened and the considering the dimensions/proportions of the windscreen wipers.

Click to enlarge!

   Watching the rear, we can see that the Burago's back window is completely wrong: it depends because the Burago represent a 1955 Beetle, and this model had an oval window. However, the real Herbie had a rectangular window, like the model created by Johnny Lightning.

Click to enlarge!

   Executing a more accurate analisys on the rear, for the same reasons exposed above, we can see that the Burago has a lot of error: the lights are too small, the red and blue strip need to finish before the engine grill and the license plate is not "HERBIE" but "OFP 857", like the model created by Johnny Lightning.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

   Open up the rear hood, we can note the Johnny Lightning hood has a limited opening, while the Burago has a full opening. With the hoods opened, it's possible to observe the engines. The Johnny Lightning's engine has a good cast, but it's too simple, especially on the fan belt, created only with a black plastic part. The Burago's engine has a more complicated cast, but it's too chromed!!

Click to enlarge!

   Reversing the model, we can observe the bottom part of the engines: as written above, the Burago has too chromed parts, while the Johnny Lightning as an engine more sober.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

   Last but not least, the chassis: on both models the chassis have the same shape, the only differences are on the brands and disclaimers written on them.

Thanks to Paolo (PaoloTransAm on Knight Rider Italia Forum) for the pictures of his Burago.

Herbie launch a new page on this site!

   Today, I'm very happy to show you a new page on this site called "Comparisons" (contained in the "Various" section). In this page you will find some comparative test of similar models produced by different brands. To launch this new page, I inserted a comparative test between the Herbie produced by the Johnny Lightning (the Herbie in the pictures is mine) and the Herbie produced by Burago. I would to say thanks to Paolo (PaoloTransAm on the Knight Rider Italia Forum) because he shot me a lot of pictures of his Herbie by Burago.

Posted by: Fabiano on Wed 11/21/2007 16:4200

"Hollywood 1:18 Wheels" is not part of Hollywood Sign Trust and is not linked to the association or to any members of this community. A mission of this site is to provide information to help diecast collectors to found any type of car used in movie or serial TV. All images copyright � by Fabiano Spinelli. All rights reserved. You may not upload these images to a web site or distribute it commercially or otherwise. It is illegal to use these images on your web site and to post on community web sites. Copyright � 2007. July 16, 2007.

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