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Last Updates: February, 13 2017!!

I do not sell these models. This site is only dedicated to my private collection.

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DeLorean "Back to The Future II" by Kids Logic

   Welcome back guys! Sorry for the long absence, but as I had anticipated in my last post, in January I changed jobs and I had to give priority to that... However, today I will try to return with a great item, presenting the last arrival in my collection: in this case, yes, it's only a fast presentation, but in the next days I'll try to make a video where I will show you the content of the box and the functionalities of this model. But... what I'm talking about? I'm speaking of the DeLorean from "Back to the Future - Part II" produced by Kids Logic. The special feature of this model? Besides being perfectly reproduced (1:20th scale), it has the ability to float (through a magnetic field) like the "real" one. So I'll try to show you the model both statically and moving, even if I anticipate you that making the model floating is not so easy! Again be patient a few days, it is worth it!!

Posted by: Fabiano on Mon 2/13/2017 19:56 +

Lancia Stratos by SunStar

   Last month has been quite challenging: like maybe I had already mentioned, with the new year I will change jobs, and during the last weeks I am closing some projects to the old job. So you have to excuse me if I did not wrote anything from Halloween !!! However, to recover my mistake, I'm here to introduce you to a model bought a few months ago: this is the black Lancia Stratos produced by SunStar. Since in the previous posts I put some rally queens produced by Lancia, missing only the legendary Stratos. As you can see, even in this case I decided to purchase the road model, as I prefer this kind of car with a livery more above that we are used to during the rally competitions. The model is not bad considering that it is produced by SunStar, in a mid-range level. Of course, there are far more refined models of the same car, but the price/quality ratio of this model has impressed me a lot and so in the end I chose it. The strengths are definitely openings (including the front headlights) and some details (like the interior, the engine and the wheels). Now I can therefore be satisfied: in my miniature garage are proudly displayed the Delta HF, the Delta S4, the Fulvia and the Stratos. In the coming days I will return to show you models about the world of cinema and TV series, but now enjoy the photos!

Posted by: Fabiano on Tue 12/6/2016 14:33 +

Halloween 2016: Christine and the pumpkins!

   With two days late, I bring you on the pages of this site some photos of the pumpkins that I have prepared for the Halloween party. Of course, it could not miss the treacherous Christine that, with its headlights on, wanted to instill more fear in the darkness of my living room! I know I'm too late, but... I hope you all had a good Halloween!

Posted by: Fabiano on Wed 11/2/2016 16:08 +

Lancia Delta HF Integrale "Club Italia" by Kyosho

   Today is Halloween and the site changes its skin to celebrate this special occasion. Surely tomorrow, with a day late, I will introduce the usual photo shoot done with my diecast models and the pumpkins that every year I like to sculpt. However, today you'll have to settle for the presentation of a model that I bought a few months ago: this is not a car used in a movie or a TV series, but a true automotive icon, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale "Italian Club" version, produced by Kyosho. I must admit that when I decided to buy this model I was looking for in the classic red and white colors, but the prices were quite prohibitive (250 Euros and up). For this reason I folded the blue version at a much lower price (less than 100 Euros). The quality is the same, the color a little less attractive, but I do it to fit the same! Apart from the color question, the model is always characterized by high Kyosho quality, with countless details both of the bodywork, both at the level of openings (open all the 4 doors!), both at the internal level (very finished although red interiors not make me crazy!). Summing up, it's a really cool model that reproduces well the icon of the rally of 80s and 90s and it is definitely one of those models must-have in your collection. Now I leave you the pictures, have fun!

Posted by: Fabiano on Mon 10/31/2016 12:15 +

Last purchases of October

   Good morning to all of you guys! Unfortunately, as you may have seen in recent weeks I have not been able to update the site: I'm changing job and during the last weeks I had to focus only on this aspect of my professional career. Now that things are "bedded" I am ready to return to talk about diecast models: I decided to celebrate this return with 2 new purchases, one inspired by the cinema, one dictated by the heart. I'm talking about the Trauckster Wagon Queen (produced by Greenlight) used in the movie "National Lampoon's Vacantions" and the BMW Z1 (produced by Minichamps), spider car that has always fascinated me, with its angular lines but especially to the particularity of its retractable doors, feature never seen on other cars. Next week should already be at home, so it will not be long in presenting them as it should be! Have a nice weekend!

Posted by: Fabiano on Fri 10/7/2016 11:07 +

Lancia Delta S4 road version by AutoArt

   Finally, the work week is over, but before the weekend I wanted to show you another new model of my collection. New is not really the correct term for this model since I bought it six months ago, but since I never shown it, consider it like new. Today I want to show you the Lancia Delta S4 road version produced by AutoArt in metallic red color. The model does not refer to a model used on the cinema or on TV, but I bought it because have always been a fan of this car ever since, as a child my parents gave me a model of this car in scale 1/24 produced by Burago. Of course, the level of that model was very low, but it was enough to make me appreciate the lines of that car ... then the sporting exploits in the World Rally Championship did the rest! When earlier this year was presented dall'AutoArt the scale road version in 1/18, I felt the need to add it to my collection, exposing it near all the other most beautiful and most famous Lancia models. The model close to perfection: the painting is spectacular with those metallic reflections, every item in the car is done with great attention to detail (engine, interior, trim, etc.) I do not know if there is any among you loving Delta S4 but do not miss this masterpiece ... in the picture is beautiful, but live it even more! It's just a treat for the eyes! But now enjoy the pictures! Have a nice weekend!

Posted by: Fabiano on Fri 9/16/2016 15:31 +

"Romanzo Criminale" Lancia Fulvia Coupè HF

   The holidays are a distant memory, September has come almost to its half, then it's time to resume talking about modeling. Continuing what we started in August, I want to continue to show you some of my purchases in recent months: today it's the turn of Lancia Fulvia Coupè HF used by Dandi (Alessandro Roja) in the TV series "Romanzo Criminale". I have always loved this car, even more when I saw it was used on this Italian TV series. Okay, the car does not play a major role in history, but identifies perfectly the character of the protagonist who uses it and perfectly reflects the period of 70 years where the series is set. Loving this car, I could not take the opportunity to add it to my collection: I chose the model produced by AutoArt that, as you can see from the pictures, is incredibly detailed, both outside (car body, lights, etc.), both within (passenger compartment, engine, trunk, etc.). I honestly do not find flaws: in my personal scale rating, I'd give it a nice 10... together with the DeLorean (always produced by AutoArt) close to perfection! If you love this model so do not miss it: the prices start to rise and you risk losing a really cool model that surely will acquire prestige over the years. Now I leave to the pictures, have fun!

Posted by: Fabiano on Mon 9/12/2016 15:49 +

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