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Last Updates: September, 22 2021!!

I do not sell these models. This site is only dedicated to my private collection.

"Stand On It" - Sheriff car - Episode 3

As promised, here's the fun part: cutting the roof! When I am about to make these changes I am always a bit tense because if you are wrong you can not go back, but I must say that now I'm getting carried away and in fact I was not wrong! After disassembling the entire model, I proceeded to cut the roof pillars with the Dremmel in exactly the same points as we saw in the movie "Stand On It". I then tried to do some setup tests by also removing the driver's door and I would say that the car begins to look more and more like the one used by Sheriff Cletus T. Necessary and his son Sonny.
   The next step will be to paint the car in a shade of blue/azure identical to that used in the film. Come back to visit the site because in a few days you will see the new look of this Ford Crown Victoria!

Posted by: Fabiano on Wed 9/22/2021 11:38   30

"Stand On It" - Sheriff car - Episode 2

New changes on the Ford Crown Victoria from the movie "Stand On It". This time I removed all the external details (lights, mirrors, handles, etc.), all the internal door panels and I removed the pad printing on the sides of the body. In fact, I could have done it only on the doors (since they will be the only parts to remain white and I didn't want to repaint them) but while I was there I preferred to do it also on the fenders to do a more complete and precise job.
The next step will be to cut the roof, so always stay around and by the middle of next week you will surely see the final "shapes" of this car!

Posted by: Fabiano on Sat 9/18/2021 11:59   20

"Stand On It" - Sheriff car - Episode 1

After the summer, my creative vein is back! With the upcoming release of "Poker Run", the new movie by John Schneider sequel of "Stand On It", I have decided to continue creating the other cars used in this film series. So today it's the turn of the car used and destroyed by the Sheriff Cletus T. Necessary (Tyrus) and by his son Sonny T. Necessary (Dion Baia). I have been thinking of making this car for some time, but I never decided whether to do the intact version or the one destroyed following the various accidents suffered during the film. Confronting myself with Dion Baia, who kindly provided me with some information about it, I decided to do the destroyed version.
As you can see from the pics, the model has a dashboard reproduced in resin by my friend Roberto because its original dashboard was used in the Dodge Charger from the movie "Christmas Cars" (since in that case the car is not a real Charger but a replica based on Ford Crow Victoria). Once finished and painted, however, you will not notice anything!
So today I show you the starting model, but in the coming days you will already see the result obtained with the Dremmel. It will be very funny!!!!

Posted by: Fabiano on Wed 9/15/2021 16:37   30

Enos Race Car - Episode 3

And here we are finally at the third episode dedicated to Enos' racing car. In the following pictures you can see all the decals applied on each side of the diecast model. Only the license plates that I will create in the next few days are missing, after which I will publish the last episode of this model and I will show you the first works on my next custom model.
So do not miss the next episode and everything that will come in the coming months, you will not be disappointed!

Posted by: Fabiano on Sun 3/14/2021 12:05   40

Veloce come il Vento: Stefano Accorsi e Matilda De Angelis

Even on this quiet Sunday, which precedes the orange zone in Lombardy, small satisfactions can come and change the day: on my Instagram channel I posted some pictures about the two Peugeot 205 that I had replicated from the movie "Veloce come il Vento / Italian Race" and I received the views and appreciations of the two main actors of the film, Stefano Accorsi and Matilda De Angelis. It is not the first time, it had already happened in the past, but even a small gesture like this is always a pleasure and makes it clear that my hobby is understood and appreciated!

Posted by: Fabiano on Sun 2/28/2021 14:06   90

Enos Race Car - Episode 2

Goodmorning everyone! We have left 2020 behind us and 2021 has already started two months ago but it is certainly no better than what we left behind. In these two months I have been quite busy with work, but the good thing is that in the meantime I have still moved on to modify a few custom models that I will show you in the coming weeks. So I would say to start again where we left off, that is from the progress on Enos' racing car: today I will show you the definitive laying of the side decals and the preparation of the one that will be placed on the trunk. In the next few days, however, you will finally see it completed, see you soon!

Posted by: Fabiano on Sat 2/27/2021 13:06   50

My review about "STUNTLIFE: The Bandit Project"

Christmas is approaching and, albeit slowly, I am preparing to modify some diecast models during the holidays, especially because I don't want to waste time. In the meantime, I managed to watch the second DVD that Raymond Kohn of "Northeast Ohio Dukes" sent me, this time dedicated to the jump he made in 2019, inspired by the movie "Smokey and the Bandit".
As in the first movie, also in this case we will be able to follow all the phases of the organization, not only the jump with the Trans Am, but also a jump (the twenty-third) carried out with a General Lee. In both cases, before witnessing the awesome jumps recorded by multiple cameras, we will be able to follow all the organizational complications that Raymond and his group had to solve in order to carry out these two great evolutions. I do not want to anticipate any of these problems, otherwise I would spoil the surprise: know that thanks to Raymond's tenacity, the jumps were completed in the best possible way, despite all the complications that he encountered.
Of course, you can also witness all the preparation phases of the two vehicles, which Raymond managed to transform from 2 wrecks to 2 perfect stunt cars, first of all safe but also beautiful from the aesthetic side.
As the first movie, you can purchase this DVD from the site or on the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" Facebook page. Alternatively, for those who reside in the United States of America it is possible to rent this film directly from the Amazon Prime video platform. Don't miss this great movie and stay tuned. Why? Because Raymond's next jump will be with another Trans Am, but this time it will be K.I.T.T. !!!!

Posted by: Fabiano on Wed 12/9/2020 21:56   40

Finally "Stand On It!" available on demand!

Finally Orange Friday has arrived, the most awaited Friday of the year by all fans of "The Dukes of Hazzard". Every year, on this last Friday of November, John Schneider always offers some news or offers to his fans: this year is the date on which the new film "Stand On it!" Is proposed on-demand. (of which I have already made the replica of the Dodge Challenger), a tribute to the 1977 film "Smokey & The Bandit". To see it, all you need to do is go to "CineflixDoD", register for free and then rent it (for 72 hours) via the Vimeo platform. Come on then, there is no time to waste: I have already rented it for the whole weekend and I will finally enjoy it after all these months of waiting!

Posted by: Fabiano on Fri 11/27/2020 09:49   60

My review about "STUNTLIFE: The Wild Ride"

Here I am today with the first of my two reviews of Raymond Kohn's films produced in collaboration with "Northeast Ohio Dukes". Today I'll tell you about the first DVD, "STUNTLIFE: The Wild Ride".
The film shows the first 22 jumps made by Raymond with General Lee from 2007 to 2018. For each jump, presented naturally in chronological order, Raymond describes the preparation and the consequences reported on a physical level, proposing the various jumps from various angles to enjoy the evolutions of his General Lees at their best. In addition, there are interviews with his family and the staff of the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" in which the complicity and passion that unite them to Raymond, but also the concern before each jump for the "reckless" pilot shines through. During the preparation phases, some moments of the construction of the various "General Lee" are also shown: it should be noted, in fact, that the Chargers used in these jumps are practically non-restorable cars, mainly intended for junkyards, prepared on an aesthetic but also structural level only to be able to withstand the moment of the jump, and then be rearranged to be able to face other jumps. In addition to the excellent images that show the various jumps, everything is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, capable of transmitting the right sensations according to the situations experienced by Raymond and his team.
Personally I recommend the purchase, to lovers of the series "The Dukes of Hazzard" but above all to lovers of good old stunts, which today due to CGI have been a bit lost in Hollywood productions. What you will see in this DVD is all real: passion, courage and a bit of healthy unconsciousness, just what was proposed to us in the 70s / 80s by the various stuntmen of the cinema world and which made us love the world of films and automotive-themed TV series.
If you are interested to buy this DVD, go to the site or the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" Facebook page.

Posted by: Fabiano on Thu 11/26/2020 11:51   60

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